“MX Series” Keypad

Now you can take your favorite Flavor Burst system and split it between two freezers or barrels. The MX Systems have the same 8-flavor cabinet, but come with two flavor lines and spout assemblies. One flavor line and spout assembly connects the first four flavors in the cabinet to one spout, while the other flavor line and spout assembly connects the other four flavors to a different spout. The MX System can be connected to different barrels on a twin, twist or multi-barreled freezer, or it can be connected to two separate freezers as long as the freezers are near each other.


  • Offer up to 4 flavors to each spout, with the ability to combine flavors in one serving for treats like Banana Split, Mixed Berry, Chocolate Mint, and more.
  • Attach an FB 44MX system to two soft-serve spouts, an FB 44SMX to two frozen beverage spouts, or an FB 44CMX system to one soft-serve spout and one frozen beverage spout.
  • Choose from 40 different soft-serve flavorings and 31 frozen beverage flavors.
  • Concentrated syrups are stored in 1-gallon ready-to-install bags, have a long shelf life and do not require refrigeration.
  • The Spout Assembly installs directly onto the spout, with many adapters available for a variety of freezers.
  • The sanitizer tank allows for simple clean-in-place sanitation of the spout, syrup lines, pumps, and bag connectors.
  • The 8 flavors are housed in a tall cabinet, 2 trays wide by 4 trays tall with an external sanitizer tank that holds 3 gallons of sanitizer solution. Flavor Burst also offers mobile carts and freezer shelves for these models.
  • One keypad controls both sides of the system.

The “FB” systems are controlled by one compact-sized keypad, with eight numbers representing each flavor. The keypad also has controls for sanitizing the spout between servings, dispensing syrup without drawing product, adjusting dispense rates, setting serving sizes, and more. For more information on the Keypad, its features, and other options CLICK HERE.



This model includes two soft-serve Injector Assemblies. Four flavors connect to one soft-serve dispensing spout, and the other four connect to a second soft-serve dispensing spout. Serve Flavor Burst flavors with ice cream and also frozen yogurt from one system. Or, use the FB 44MX on a twist machine, with one assembly flavoring the chocolate soft-serve, and one flavoring the vanilla soft-serve.

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This model includes two frozen beverage Blending Assemblies. One assembly flavors frozen beverage product with four flavors, and the second Blending Assembly flavors a second frozen beverage product. Use the FB 44SMX to serve both JavaLatte frozen coffee product and Nice Ice slush product with one 8-flavor cabinet. Or, flavor both shakes and smoothies from a 2-barrel frozen beverage freezer.

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This 8-flavor system sends four flavors to a soft-serve spout and four to a frozen beverage spout. Serve both Flavor Burst ice cream and shakes with this one system. Or, frozen yogurt and slushes.

Manuals for this model

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