About Us

Who We Are

Located in Danville, Indiana, Flavor Burst has specialized in developing flavor injection machines for over 30 years. Flavor Burst started as a family business built on generations of shared knowledge and experience, offering products and services to over 30 different countries around the world.  In 2023, Flavor Burst became part of the Middleby Corporation family and continues to grow and reach new markets.

What We Do

At Flavor Burst, our systems transform a single-flavor freezer into a multi-flavoring system with a relatively small footprint and very little extra cost per serving. With easy navigation from the touchpad, the Flavor Burst system provides a fast and efficient way to flavor a plain base soft serve or frozen beverage product. A multi-flavored serving can be made without any additional time to the dispensing process, enhancing the efficiency and product quality of every establishment we partner with.

Implementing a Flavor Burst system provides an abundance of benefits, such as the following:

  • Equipment cost savings
  • Shelf-stable syrups
  • Space savings
  • Self-clean function
  • Portion control
  • Wide selection of classic and unique syrups
  • Nostalgia


Flavor Burst equipment is sold exclusively through the distribution network and pricing may vary depending on your location. Because of this, Flavor Burst does not have pricing information on our website and is not set up to process orders directly. But that’s where your distributor comes in! Distributors can help you with a number of things, including

  • Pricing
  • Freezer Compatibility Ordering
  • Parts
  • Advertising Materials
  • Syrups
  • Technical Support

Customer Commitment

Flavor Burst is committed to providing each individual client with their ideal experience. Emphasizing quality and communication at every step, it is our mission to provide our clients with systems and tools to enhance their productivity, reduce wait time, and improve their overall experience so they can better serve their customers.

Important News Update

Middleby Corporation has recently acquired Flavor Burst! Read the article to learn more about this new development.