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Looking to buy Syrups?

Order your favorite Flavor Burst brand syrups online, directly from us, through our new Syrup Store.  Apply for a business account, submit your state’s tax exempt form, and you’ll have online access to all of our flavors at great prices. Plus, sign up for The Scoop Newsletter and receive 10% off your first order and be the first to hear about new flavors, future discounts, and more.  US businesses only, shipping only within the USA.

Prefer to get your syrups from a distributor?  Many of our Taylor Company distributors will be happy to take your order. If your local distributor is no longer carrying syrups, contact us to find another one that is.

Flavor Burst Authorized Distributors

Flavor Burst Company is pleased to partner with great distributors around the world. Flavor Burst equipment is sold exclusively through our distribution network and pricing my vary depending on your location. Because of this, Flavor Burst does not have pricing information and is not set up to process orders. If you wish to know pricing or would like to purchase equipment, advertising materials, parts, or syrups, please contact your local distributor. Not sure who that is? Read about our two main distributing networks below.


For more information about adding a Flavor Burst system to most Taylor freezers and many other freezer brands, contact your local Taylor distributor. Their representatives will be happy to help you with information on pricing, freezer compatibility, advertising, and much more. Whether it’s soft serve, shakes, slush, or another delicious treat to enhance with Flavor Burst choices, there’s a Taylor distributor nearby to help. Click on the Taylor button to go to their site and enter your location into Taylor’s distributor search to locate one near you.


Looking to add a Flavor Burst or Flavor Blend system directly to your Stoelting soft serve freezer? Stoelting now has Stoelting-Ready Flavor Burst systems available for easy integration with their freezers! Their representatives will be happy to help you with information on pricing, freezer compatibility, advertising, and so much more. For more information, find your nearest Stoelting distributor by clicking the Stoelting button. Or call Stoelting Company’s White Glove Service at 1-800-319-9549.



Looking to lease our equipment? Click on the logo and contact Accord Financial Group for more information.