Will Flavor Burst systems work with my existing freezer?

Most likely. Flavor Burst systems are adaptable to nearly all freezers currently in the market. It is important to provide the make and model number of the freezer to which the Flavor Burst will be attached to ensure that a proper adapter kit will be available for installation.

Is the Flavor Burst system easy to operate & maintain?

Yes. Each system comes with an easy-to-use keypad or screen. Flavor selections are made on the screen, and then you are ready to draw your serving. The flavor(s) automatically dispense with the product as the serving is drawn. The Flavor Burst unit includes a clean-in-place system and is connected to a sanitizer tank to flush the spout and also clean the syrup lines and pumps. The few pieces that need to be cleaned and sanitized daily detach easily from the spout and assemble quickly after cleaning. Your local Flavor Burst distributor will walk you through how to operate and maintain your new equipment upon installation. An operations manual is provided with each unit to help the operator learn more about the proper operation and maintenance of the system.

How many servings can I get out of one gallon of Flavor Burst flavoring?

Flavor Burst flavorings are highly concentrated and packaged in 1-gallon bags. The number of servings produced from the syrups depend on the type of syrup, the base product used, the size of the serving, and the level that the syrup is dispensed per serving. Below is a list of how many servings are approximately produced from each gallon of syrup, based on different products, serving sizes, and a mid-range syrup dispense rate.

Flavor Burst Stripe Soft-serve – 560 5oz servings per gallon bag
Flavor Blend Soft Serve – 378 5oz servings per gallon bag
Flavor Blend Premium Beverage – 378 16oz servings per gallon bag
Standard Frozen Beverage Shake – 95 16oz servings per gallon bag
Standard Beverage Slush – 230 16oz servings per gallon bag

What can Flavor Burst do for my sales?

Many operators report increases of 2 to 3 times the sales after adding Flavor Burst. Some have seen increases of up to seven times their previous sales total. There are many factors that affect the degree of increase that the operator will realize. Be sure to invest in some colorful advertising materials to entice your customers.

How do I purchase a Flavor Burst system and how much is it going to cost?

Flavor Burst Company has an extensive worldwide network of qualified distributors who handle our equipment, parts, advertising materials and sometimes syrup sales. Because the distributorship is worldwide, covering varying regions with differing markets, it does not set universal retail pricing. All customers or prospects should contact the distributor located in their area for accurate pricing. Owners with multiple locations that cross distributor boundaries are supported jointly by local distributors and the Flavor Burst Company. To find a Flavor Burst distributor near you, please visit our worldwide distributor, Taylor Company.

Syrups, on the other hand, can be purchased directly online through our new Flavor Burst Syrup Shop.  As long as it is for your business and you are located within the US, you can register for an account.  If you prefer to get your syrups through your local distributor, many of them will continue to take orders and are happy to assist you. 

Can I produce my own advertising and promotional materials?

Yes. If you find that you need specialized promotional materials beyond the wide variety of existing advertising and promotional materials that Flavor Burst offers, we offer individual digital images for developing your own point-of-purchase materials.  For small projects that don’t require high resolution images, visit the Image Gallery and copy-save the images directly from our website. For larger projects, you can download full galleries of images based on the product type you serve.    Licensing agreement limits the use of the images for promoting Flavor Burst products only and for creating materials that are not for mass production or resale.  Please read the full licensing agreement for more details on the usage of the images.

Can I use just any flavorings or syrup with the Flavor Burst system?

No. Using non-Flavor Burst syrups will void the warranty on your unit and can damage your system. Flavor Burst syrups are formulated to be compatible with the Flavor Burst equipment and system. Conventional syrups do not meet our requirements in terms of viscosity, flavor level, stabilizers, preservatives, etc. needed for the Flavor Burst system. Our flavorings produce consistent finished products, promote the highest safety and well-being of consumers, and offer maximum shelf life. Because of potential damage to the equipment, Flavor Burst Company cannot warranty the equipment or guarantee the safety of the product if any syrups other than Flavor Burst Company recommended syrups are used in the system. Flavor Burst syrups are a vital part of the Flavor Burst systems.

What is the shelf life of Flavor Burst flavorings?

Unopened Flavor Burst flavorings have a 2 year best-by shelf life from the date of manufacture.

What product mix should I use with the Flavor Burst system?

The better quality of base product you use, the better final Flavor Burst product you’ll produce. Generally speaking, we recommend 4-7% soft serve product mix for most soft serve and shake applications, and a neutral slush base with low brix for slush and frozen cocktail applications. Check with your local distributor for information regarding regional mixes in the area, or mixes for other product applications such as FCB (frozen carbonated beverage) or smoothie programs. Flavor Burst Company also provides a few specialized base products or additives, such as liquid and powder slush base or frozen coffee base, for use in some product applications. See our full list of base mix recommendations.

How often should I clean the Flavor Burst system?

Flavor Burst systems incorporate clean-in-place functions to ease cleaning and reduce maintenance. A few components should be cleaned daily with a 15-minute procedure to ensure the highest standard of sanitation. Details on these cleaning procedures are found in the “Daily Opening Procedure” and “Daily Closing Procedure” sections of the Operations Manual. A more thorough cleaning of the system should be done once every 30 days, when winterizing the unit, and when the unit has not been in use for 2 weeks or longer. Details on these cleaning procedures are found in the “Scheduled Maintenance” section of the Operations Manual.

If I have a technical issue with my Flavor Burst system, can I fix it myself?

Flavor Burst systems are designed for easy operation and maintenance. You should refer to the owner’s manual first to identify and address most issues regarding installation and maintenance. The SUPPORT section of this website also has many reference and installation sheets for you to use. If you need additional support, contact your local distributor. Some issues may be able to be resolved over the phone, while others require a service visit by a qualified technician.

Do I need to refrigerate the flavorings?

Flavor Burst flavorings do not need to be refrigerated and are fine to be stored within normal temperatures ranging from 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are the flavorings gluten-free and allergen-free?

Flavor Burst syrups are gluten-free. They are also free from most other allergens, too! Your base product, cone, or other toppings may not be though. Be sure to check the nutritional and allergen information on the other products you use. For a full list of known allergens in our syrups, see our Allergen Declaration.

My Flavor Burst unit is previously owned by someone else. Does the warranty transfer to me?

No. The Flavor Burst warranty only applies to the original owner of a new Flavor Burst system.

I have an older Flavor Burst that needs new parts. Are all the parts still available?

It depends on the model and the part you need. Some older models have obsolete pumps and parts that are no longer manufactured by us or by our suppliers. If you are in need of an obsolete part, you may be able to upgrade your system to a newer model. Contact your local distributor or Flavor Burst Company for more information.

Can I upgrade my Flavor Burst system to a newer model?

It depends on which model you have. Most older models can be upgraded to a model FB 80a or similar. Contact your local distributor for more information on the process and what the upgrade cost would be. Unfortunately, a model that is operated by a keypad cannot be upgraded to a Touchscreen model. Likewise, a Touchscreen model cannot be upgraded to a Color Touch Panel. Attempting this kind of upgrade involves expensive parts and electronic components and requires too much time to convert one operating system to another. It is simply not cost-effective to upgrade across these operating systems.

What is the warranty on the Flavor Burst unit?

Flavor Burst warranties apply only to the original owner of the equipment and should be registered with the distributor who sold it. Warranties on Flavor Burst equipment vary depending on the model number and year it was manufactured. Each system should come with a warranty sheet, explaining the terms of the warranty. If you do not have the warranty, please contact your local distributor with your serial number (typically printed on a label inside the cabinet, on the dividing panel between the trays). Or you can reference general warranties based on your Flavor Burst model type here:


Are Flavor Burst systems and flavorings certified and approved?

Each Flavor Burst system meets or exceeds exacting standards suitable for distribution around the world and many of our products bear the following certifications and approvals: NSF, UL, CE. Most of our syrup flavorings and base products are Kosher and/or Halal certified, gluten-free and free from nut allergens. See individual product labeling for additional information.