Why Should I Use the Flavor Burst System?

Jun 28, 2022 | News

The first “official” day of Summer is fast approaching and that means you can expect longer lines of customers waiting for their favorite ice cream and frozen beverage flavors to help them beat the heat. If you’re in the process of placing new orders to keep up with customer demand or you’re looking for something new to attract new customers, look no further than the Flavor Burst System!

The unique Flavor Burst System has a variety of flavors to delight your customers while still maintaining ease of use and maintenance for you. In a business world where it pays to stand out, using a Flavor Burst System will help to differentiate your ice cream shop from others in town.

6 Benefits of the Flavor Burst System

1. Flavors, Flavors and More Flavors!

The Flavor Burst System acts as a simple add-on to your current soft-serve or beverage freezer, allowing you to offer up to 8 more flavors from just one spout. And because you can combine these flavors, your customers have even more delicious options, such as Mint Chocolate, Berry Blast, Caramel Apple, and many more customized flavor combinations. With this one simple add-on, you can introduce your customers to a wide variety of delicious and exciting menu options.

2. Adaptable to Many Freezer Models and Manufactures

A primary concern of most shop owners when they begin the search for a new product system is equipment adaptability. Flavor Burst has a variety of spout adapter kits to fit most freezers currently on the market.

Most Flavor Burst models consist of a tall cabinet that houses the syrup, a sanitizer tank, and a blending device that attaches to the spout of your freezer. The small footprint of this multi-flavoring system saves you valuable space and installation costs.

3. Long Shelf-Life

There’s nothing worse than having to throw away unused products because they expired before you could use them. Over ordering or quick expiration dates can leave you scrambling trying to recover wasted resources.

Flavor Burst syrups maintain a two-year shelf life from the date of manufacture, ensuring you’ll have plenty of time to take full advantage of the flavors.

Have unused syrup and need to close the shop for the season? Just follow the winterizing instructions for your system, store the syrups as instructed, and they will be ready to use when you open again as long as it is within the expiration date on the label.

4. Meets Increasing Cleaning Standards

For many in the food industry, adding new food equipment may bring concerns about food safety and sanitation quality.

Flavor Burst systems incorporate both simple manual cleaning procedures performed on a daily basis, along with semi-automated sanitation functions by the equipment each month to meet today’s strict NSF standards. With just a few simple cleaning products and a few minutes of time at the beginning and end of each day, you’ll be able to keep your Flavor Burst equipment in top-notch shape.

Flavor Burst systems also incorporate clean-in-place functions to ease the cleaning process and reduce maintenance. It is recommended a full system cleaning is done every 30 days to keep it free from build-up and contamination.

5. Allergy-Friendly Syrups

Food allergies and dietary restrictions are becoming more common and the food service industry needs to adapt to meet these changes. Most of the Flavor Burst syrup flavorings and base products are Kosher and/or Halal certified, gluten-free, and free from most allergens.

6. More Variety = More Sales

Lastly, many store owners invest in a Flavor Burst System because of the increase in sales it can bring. These increases are affected by several different variables,  including your area’s population and climate, how you market your new food products, and the price point you set for these new menu offerings.

Since Flavor Burst flavors are highly-concentrated, the cost added to a typical serving is very minimal, allowing for a healthy profit margin while keeping your more thrifty customers happy.

By offering your customers a wider range of vibrant, flavorful, and customizable ice cream and beverage flavors, you can attract a wider audience, appeasing the taste buds of all customers young and old, whether they are choosy or adventurous. The high quality flavors ensure customers will return for their favorite flavor, and the wide variety of options invites others to come back and try something new and exciting.

Ready to get started using the Flavor Burst System? Find your local distributor to get started today!

Photo courtesy of Spoony’s and Midwest Equipment Company