Top 3 Ways to Get Ready for the Busy Season

Prepare for The Busy Season

If you live in an area with a cooler wintertime climate, odds are you and your customers are both looking forward to warmer days ahead. Make sure you are able to meet your customers’ cravings this spring and summer by taking some time now to prepare. Here are three simple ways for your frozen treat shop to begin prepping for the busy season.

Check Your Stock of Syrups, Mixes and Toppings

Take a look at your current stock of Flavor Burst syrups as well as the other base mixes and toppings that go into your frozen treat menu. Check each product’s use-by date and dispose of any syrups, mixes or toppings that will pass their use-by date before the upcoming busy season. Each 1-gallon bag of Flavor Burst syrup can last for two years without refrigeration, making them a great investment for your menu. Next, place an order for new syrups, mixes and toppings to make sure you replenish your stock and avoid any unexpected busy-season shipping delays.

Make Sure Your Machines Are Up and Running

If your Flavor Burst machines and freezers have not been used during the winter months, it’s a good idea to turn on and run them well in advance of the busy season. The last thing any shop owner wants is a broken soft serve machine right before a summertime heat wave! Turning on and testing your machine during the winter months will give you time to call a repair technician if you notice a problem and order any spare parts or components that you might need for future quick fixes. Plus, it’s a great time to deep clean your machine to help provide necessary preventative maintenance and ensure you are giving your customers the best possible product.

Brush Up On Your Marketing

Take a deep dive into last year’s sales and consider which products and flavors sold the most. Ask yourself, what classic flavors can you bring back and which new flavors should you consider? Offering innovative products and flavors this summer can help your frozen treat shop stand apart from your competitors and attract new customers when demand is at its highest. The Flavor Burst Soft-Serve System and the Flavor Burst Frozen Beverage System can both dispense between 4-8 flavors at a time. Shop owners can also purchase an add-on cabinet to offer up to 16 flavors at once. Plus, many of our flavors can be blended and combined to add even more variety. The opportunities for flavor creativity are nearly limitless!

Need extra help bringing your delicious new ideas to life? The Flavor Burst website offers a gallery of images to help elevate your visual marketing efforts, including a downloadable menu chart. Taking a few small steps today to prepare will make a big difference for your business when it’s time to open your doors this summer.

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