Syrups – Flavor Blend (Soft Serve)

Flavor Burst Puts Flavor First

with 17 delicious Flavor Blend syrups!

Each flavor is carefully formulated to provide clean, premium quality with maximum impact and high performance. The syrups are gluten-free and do not contain nut allergens. Each 1-gallon bag contains concentrated flavoring that requires no refrigeration and has a 2 year shelf life.

Each gallon of Blend syrup can flavor up to 400 5-oz soft serve servings!

See the table below for additional technical specifications. Feel free to browse our current flavor line below, but take caution — we cannot be held responsible for any impulse cravings which may develop!

Please Note:

  • These syrups are specially formulated to blend with soft serve base product using the “BLD” Soft Serve Flavor Blend Systems,
  • Only syrup part numbers ending in “BLD” will blend well with the base product, as they are formulated to have the right concentration of flavor and color using the BLD systems.
  • Blend syrups are NOT compatible with the “SS” Soft Serve Stripe. The BLD system has fitments, pumps and a blending assembly compatible with the Blend syrups and their bags.

Banana Ripple

The smooth flavor of banana is truly appealing.
part#: FLA 026BLD

Birthday Cake

Every day is a celebration with this treat.
part#: FLA 052BLD

Black Cherry

Embrace the dark passion of plump, succulent cherries.
part#: FLA 003BLD

Blue Goo

What is Blue Goo? We have no idea, but it’s delicious and fun!
part#: FLA 021BLD

Blue Raspberry

Twist your lips around the tart and tangy splash of blue raspberries.
part#: FLA 043BLD

Butter Pecan

Satisfy your appetite for the roasted flavor of caramel-coated nuts.
part#: FLA 010BLD

Chocolate Swirl

Indulge in the decadence of rich premium chocolate.
part#: FLA 001BLD

Cinnamon Bun

Melt your taste buds with a swirl of frosted cinnamon.
part#: FLA 054BLD

Cool Mint

Chill out with the brisk breeze of icy mint.
part#: FLA 014BLD

Cotton Candy

Delight in the light and airy sweetness of a sugar-spun candy confection.
part#: FLA 051BLD

Green Apple

Enjoy the refreshing essence of cool, crisp harvest apples.
part#: FLA 009BLD

Mocha Cappuccino

Unwind to the blend of premium roasted coffee with smooth chocolate accents.
part#: FLA 039BLD

Pina Colada

Kick back with the frozen tropical concoction of coconut and pineapple.
part#: FLA 008BLD

Pistachio Nut

Crack into the crisp nut flavor of choice pistachios and cream.
part#: FLA 012BLD

Purple Grape

Savor the rush of luscious, juicy taste in the vineyard’s finest flavor.
part#: FLA 023BLD


Pick the fresh flavor of the season’s ripest berries.
part#: FLA 002BLD

Tropical Orange

Drench your senses with an island squirt of luscious orange flavor.
part#: FLA 017BLD

Nutritional & Related Information

SPECIAL NOTICE: Flavor Burst nutritional information ONLY accounts for Flavor Burst flavorings alone and NOT the finished product due to the wide variety of applications and settings available with the Flavor Burst equipment. For example, Flavor Burst can only provide nutritional information of the flavorings per .8-ounce. For complete nutritional information per serving, you must first calculate how many ounces you are dispensing per serving, and also add in the nutritional information of your base product and any other addition food items such as ice cream cones or toppings. This information is for general information use only — be sure to check with your local operator for finished product nutritional information specific to their operation.

These resources are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for medical advice from your doctor. Always consult your physician regarding health and fitness concerns.