Savvy, Year-Round Marketing for Your Frozen Treats

Sep 26, 2022 | Flavors

Myth — cool weather means you need to shut down your Flavor Burst machines and close your doors.

Ice cream is a satisfying, celebratory treat that can be enjoyed all year long. While dropping temperatures may present a challenge for some ice cream shops in colder climates, there are many savvy strategies for keeping customers coming through your doors, even in fall and winter! Here are a few ways to keep your menu fresh this season.

Try a New Flavor Burst Syrup

Now is the time to try out a new Flavor Burst syrup! We have a wide array of flavors, including many that are perfect additions to a fall or winter-themed frozen treat menu. Offering a limited-edition flavor will give your summertime customers a great reason to come back for more and will satisfy their seasonal cravings. Try our Pumpkin Pie/Chai, Butter Pecan, Maple, Cool Mint, or Green Apple flavor syrups. Each 1-gallon bag of concentrated stripe flavoring provides around 560 5-oz servings. The syrup requires no refrigeration and has a two-year shelf life.

Get Creative with Product Names

You don’t have to switch out your inventory or introduce new flavors to add a holiday-twist to your menu. Consider rebranding your current menu with holiday-themed names. Here are some ideas specific to our Flavor Burst soft-serve-striping syrups:

  • Scary Berry (make with any berry flavor, such as Blueberry, Classic Cherry, Raspberry or more!)
  • Ghouly Grape (Purple Grape)
  • Boo Goo (a fan-favorite, Blue Goo)
  • Hocus Pocus (Tropical Orange or Pumpkin/Chai)
  • Caramel Apple (mix between Caramel and Green Apple)
  • Wintry Mint (Cool Mint)

Add Festive Mix-Ins

Try new mix-ins or special toppings to put a festive spin on your current inventory. Introduce holiday themed sprinkles, or limited-time sugary toppings. These can include beloved Halloween candies crushed on top of soft serve, a favorite cone served with a classic holiday sugar cookie, or the refreshing, minty crunch of a candy cane topping.

If you have other businesses or shops in your area that specialize in creating holiday treats, consider partnering with them for your new toppings. Both businesses will gain additional buzz and your customers will love the fresh, new options.

Expand Your Menu

If you live in a colder climate, consider adding hot beverages to your menu for a limited time. Offering coffee or hot chocolate will draw in chilly customers. Some will love pairing a hot beverage with a cool frozen treat. Others, such as young families, may appreciate that there’s a sweet treat for everyone – a toasty hot beverage for mom and dad and a sweet frozen treat for the kiddos.

Make it Easy to Take Home

Who doesn’t love a sweet indulgence after a long week? No matter what time of year it is. While summertime customers may love lounging around with a frozen dessert, your autumn and wintertime customers will be less likely to enjoy their treat while bundled in a bulky coat. Try experimenting with new to-go containers. Make it easy for your customers to pick up their favorite summertime treats and enjoy them in the comfort and warmth of their own homes!

Keep Up the Good Marketing!

Since many frozen treat shops close down for the winter, your customers may assume the same is true for you. Keep the conversation going on social media or invest in some new outdoor signage to let your customers know loud and clear that you are open and that you have fresh, can’t-miss, holiday-themed treats waiting for them.

Ready to get started using the Flavor Burst System? Find your local distributor to get started today!