Soft-Serve C722 / C723 Twist Freezer Facade

Dress up your Taylor soft serve "twist" freezer with this light-weight plastic facade.  Perfect for the self-service environment, this facade will conceal the wires, cables, tubes and electronics you don't want customers to access or see.   The support brackets allow the facade to be removed and installed easily.  This facade is designed for the older keypad-operated Flavor Burst systems.  This facade has no cut-out along the top since the keypad is mounted to the side of the freezer.   If you have a Touchscreen, use a side-mounting bracket with this facade, or order the FAC 201KTS facade, which has a cut-out for the top-mounted touchscreen.  Colorful wraps are available for both the facade and the lower freezer (sold separately).   This facade is designed to fit the Taylor C722 and C723 freezers.


Quantity:  1 kit

Size:  23.375"w x 16.5" h x 10" d

Material:  plastic

Compatibility:   For use with Taylor soft serve freezer models Taylor C722 and C723.


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