Soft-Serve C708 Freezer Wrap – Lower (blue photographic)

Add more colorful coverage to your freezer by wrapping the lower half of your freezer.   Intended as a companion piece to the POP 6520 wrap and a FAC 200K / FAC 200KTS facade, this semi-permanent wrap will also dress up your Taylor model C706, C707, C708, or C709 freezer alone.      **Matching facade wrap and plastic facade not included; see Related Products for these options.**


Quantity:  1   (does not include lower wrap or facade)

Size:   17.98" x 14.7"

Material:  Vinyl with laminate; surface is washable

Compatibility:   For use with Taylor freezer models: C706, C707, C708, C709. Wrap adhesive is strong on the wrap and is intended to be applied once. Will not damage the surface of the cabinet if removed. Wrap is water-resistant.


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