Soft-Serve Blend C708 Color Touch Panel Facade Wrap

Add eye-catching color to your freezer facade with this wrap.   The wrap attracts customers with its bright imagery, while the facade will conceal the wires, cables, tubes and electronics you don't want customers to access or see.  The facade is sold separately and is designed to fit the Taylor C706, C707, C708, and C709 freezers.   This wrap is compatible with the FAC 301K facade only.  **Matching lower wrap and plastic facade not included; see Related Products for these options.**


Quantity:  1   (does not include lower wrap or facade)

Size:   32.5" x 17.0"

Material:  Vinyl with laminate; surface is washable

Compatibility:   For use with the FAC 301K facade on a Taylor model C706, C707, C708, C709 soft-serve freezer. Wrap adhesive is strong and is intended to be applied once.


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