Shake 432 Freezer Touchscreen Wrap – alternate


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Add color and appeal to your integrated touchscreen panel with this wrap.  This wrap is intended to be used with the POP 432TS panel (sold separately), a black metal plate that replaces the clear plexi piece of the lighted display of a Taylor model 432 freezer.  The panel allows the Flavor Burst Touchscreen to be mounted inside the display box, and the wrap is designed around the Touchscreen opening.

Please note this is a solid opaque piece and will not allow light through as a transparency would.

*** COMPATIBILITY WARNING: For use with the POP 432KTS Touchscreen Display Panel Kit (sold separately) ***   Please contact your local distributor to inquire about the POP 432TS Kit.


Quantity:  1 wrap

Size: 18" x 6"

Material:    Vinyl with laminate; surface is washable.

Compatibility:   For use with a Taylor model 432 frozen beverage freezer. Wrap adhesive is strong and is intended to be applied once.


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