Self-Serve Keypad Cover Kit

This metal keypad cover is perfect for the self-service environment.   Keep your customers from activating unwanted functions on the keypad by covering them up.  Only the flavor selection keys 1-8 will be displayed.  This set also comes with black-and-white instructional decals to show the customer step-by-step how to draw themselves a serving.  There are labels for soft-serve, slush, shake, frozen coffee, and frozen carbonate beverage product. Additionally, there are two draw-handle styles represented for each of these products.


Quantity:  1

Size: (cover) 4.125" x 1.25" x 7.25";  (labels) 4" x 6" each

Material:  (cover) stainless steel;  (labels) thin vinyl

Compatibility:   For use with the older Flavor Burst systems that operate with the keypad (not touchscreen).  This keypad cover kit will fit any style of keypad.


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