Frozen Beverage “BEV” Art Gallery Digital Download

Only the images related to the Flavor Burst product type you serve will be sent. For example, if you serve Flavor Burst shakes, you will not get images for slush, frozen coffee, etc.

Are you looking for high-quality logos and product images to design your own advertising materials? If so, you've come to the right place. The Frozen Beverage Art Gallery is full of individual images of illustrated artwork and photography. It contains a wide variety of shake, slush, smoothie, JavaLatte and cocktail logos, characters and products images. Just fill out this Art Request Form and you will emailed a 7-day access link to download the art gallery folder. *PLEASE NOTE THIS GALLERY DOES NOT INCLUDE "FBC" IMAGES -- SEE "DDart_FCB ART GALLERY DOWNLOAD" FOR FROZEN CARBONATED BEVERAGE IMAGES*

Illustrated images are high-resolution rasterized images. The average size of these images are 30-40" at the widest measurement at 300dpi, which works well for large-scale projects such as large banners, window screens, trailer decals and billboard signs. These images can be scaled down for smaller projects as well.

The gallery also contains some photographic images. The average size of the photographic images varies. Most are approximately 12-15" at the widest measurement at 200dpi. These images will work well for making medium-sized advertising materials, such as posters, menus, flyers and small banners. Due to the set pixel size of these photographic images, larger scale versions of these files are not available. For larger projects, we recommend using the illustrated images included in the gallery folder.

Please note that the images are of individual products, and not the finished compositions with full backgrounds that we use on sales items.   You will need to assembly your own composition and add a background to the scale and size you need for your specific project. 

By downloading or purchasing any materials designed by Flavor Burst Company, you agree to the terms and conditions of our required license agreement.

Quantity:  1

Material:  Digital download link sent via email. Just fill out the Artwork Request Form and you will be emailed.

Compatibility:   Files are in  JPG and PNG formats.  Please ensure your computer has at least 2GB of space to store the gallery folder.


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