Flavor Menu Labels (2 sets)

Elevate your ice cream shop’s presentation with our vibrant and easy-to-read Flavor Menu Labels. This set includes two complete sets of labels featuring an array of popular flavors, designed to help your customers quickly and easily identify their favorite treats.

Flavors Not Included:
Please note that the following flavors are not included in the POP 6075 flavor label set:

  • Birthday Cake
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Eggnog

If you need to create flavor menus including these specific flavors, we recommend using our free menu creator tool.


Display your daily available flavors using these high quality flavor labels.  Each set of labels includes the full list of soft serve and frozen beverage flavors offered by Flavor Burst, plus labels for prices and container types.  Labels are transparent with a solid black type. They are able to be cleaned with a damp cloth once applied.   These labels are not intended to be reusable, but two full sets are included in each order.  They are perfect for Flavor Burst menu trans and duratrans, as well as cabinet menu wraps and menu sheets.


Quantity:  2 sets

Size:  Each label sheet is 11" x 8.5";  each flavor label is 5" x 0.75"

Compatibility:  Flavor Burst Trans, Duratrans, Cabinet Wraps, and Menu Sheets that have a menu block.  May also be used with your own menu if it has lightly colored blanks that the labels will fit in (5" x 0.75")

Material:  Poly with adhesive.


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