Middleby Acquires Flavor Burst

Middleby Corporation

Danville, IN January 24, 2023 – Middleby Corporation announced the acquisition of Flavor Burst Company.

Flavor Burst has pioneered the development of flavor infusion machines for soft serve ice cream and frozen desserts since 1992. Flavor Burst is a proud, second generation family business, with the founder’s son, Tim Gerber, remaining President through the acquisition process.

Middleby Corporation is an international provider of food service and beverage brands. This parent company manufactures a wide range of products for commercial food service, food processing, and residential kitchens. In 2018, Middleby also acquired Taylor Company, a giant in the food equipment industry and the leading distributor of Flavor Burst systems worldwide. The Flavor Burst acquisition seems a natural fit, as it will create avenues for these two companies to work more closely together, streamline distribution, and collaborate on future equipment developments.

Flavor Burst will continue to provide the same high quality flavors and unique systems. Now as a part of the Middleby family of businesses, Flavor Burst will prioritize the development of new novelty food products while advancing their current line of equipment. As part of Middleby, the company’s many innovations and brands will provide Flavor Burst opportunities for growth and expansion, bringing exciting food products to customers around the world.

“Since the beginning, Flavor Burst has strived to bring leading technology and unique products to the frozen dessert market. We invent these systems to better serve the restaurant and food service industry. We create innovative technology to help our customers be more efficient at making frozen treats they currently serve, and also offer cost-effective ways to expand their menu with an array of new eye-catching, mouth-watering products. Working with Middleby and their vast resources, connections and experience will help us do these things on another level and reach areas we couldn’t on our own. We believe Middleby’s expertise will help grow this company in ways we have always dreamed and more. We are excited for the future and hope you will join in anticipation of what is to come for Flavor Burst,” said Angie Gouge, Director of Marketing at Flavor Burst.

Customers are encouraged to look for the latest announcements about Flavor Burst on social media. Flavor Burst distributors will also be provided with all updated information to better work with customers and store owners.

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