Food Trucks and Fairs: Making Your Flavor Burst Machine Mobile

Photo credit to City of Fun Carnival

Beat the Summer Heat Anywhere

Beautiful concession stands and trailers, like the one above from City of Fun Carnival, allow food vendors to show off their latest food creations and desserts to a wide customer base.  Being a mobile business, these shops can pop up just about anywhere to satisfy hungry patrons at craft shows, state fairs, car shows, festivals and other special events. Flavor Burst machines can be easily incorporated into a concession stand or food trailer, whether it’s on the road or setting up in a popular hang-out spot.

Check out the stories below of Flavor Burst users who have taken full advantage of their machine’s capabilities to help their customers beat the summer heat, no matter where they are!

SkyKone Loves the Flavor Burst Machine Size

SkyKone is a Flavor Burst machine ice cream concession with locations in Melbourne Square Mall, Florida and another in Ackley, IA. SkyKone concession is shaped like an ice cream cone, with mobile SkyKones traveling to both indoor and outdoor events in convention centers. It is even available to host at private events as well. The SkyKone concession design helps to entice customers to visit the stand and the large, flavorful menu their Flavor Burst machine provides, keeps their customers coming back for more.

Because of the concession stand’s unique design and limited space, they needed a compact ice cream machine. The Flavor Burst machine is perfect for smaller shops, concession stands/booths, and food trucks because it combines several flavors into one machine, without taking up extended space.

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Kim’s Kool Treats Takes Flavor Burst on the Road

The owners of Kim’s Kool Treats wanted the freedom to travel and not be tied to one specific location. The owners converted an old RV trailer into a renovated, mobile ice cream food trailer. They’ve been in business for seven years and travel all over the northern part of Nevada to serve customers fun, frozen treats.

Being able to install the Flavor Burst machine into their RV-renovated ice cream trailer allows Kim’s Kool Treats to travel to their customers. The Flavor Burst machine is ideal for food trailers and trucks because the ice cream can be drawn quickly and cleaned easily to reduce line waiting time. Ice cream or other frozen treats are often a to-go at hot summer festivals, fairs, and events and can be a perfect mid-day or evening treat. The Flavor Burst machine’s convenient size and transportability allow Kim’s Kool Treats to be the one to meet those customers’ needs.

JC Cones Offers Endless Options with Flavor Burst

JC Cones started out serving their customers Flavor Burst ice cream from their portable, concession trailer because they wanted to offer their customers unique choices that their competition couldn’t. They quickly became a neighborhood sensation. Recently, JC Cones has moved into a brick and mortar building and continues to provide their customers with great ice cream and frozen treat options.

Whether it’s the striped ice cream with its signature twisted peak, a sprinkled sundae with cone a-top, or multi-flavored layered shakes, JC Cones continues to add excitement to their menu with Flavor Burst options and be a favorite stop for ice cream enthusiasts.

Photo Credit to Ruth Syltie Emory and JC Cones

KoolTwists Advertises Flavor Burst’s Fun Flavors

Photo Credit to KoolTwists

KoolTwists operates in Tucson, AZ. There’s no doubt their bright and colorful concession trailer serves Flavor Burst treats. Their mobile concession trailer is decorated with large images of cones and slushes to advertise their eye-catching Flavor Burst options on the go.

With Flavor Burst, KoolTwists is able to serve their customers fair and festival frozen favorites, all from one machine. The size of the machine allows owners to maximize their concession space while offering customers variety. The Flavor Burst trailer decals illustrate the colorful and delicious treats that customers can expect.

Flavor Burst Advantages

Whether you are looking to get involved in your local festivals or want to expand your services for private events, Flavor Burst is the perfect combination of portability, machine size, and flavor offerings.

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