Create Special Summer Dessert Treats to Excite Your Customers

We’ll Help You Beat the Heat

The middle of summer is prime time for families and all dessert lovers to descend upon their local ice cream shops for chilled and frozen treats to help beat the heat. One of the benefits of warmer weather is enjoying special or “summer themed” recipe treats to go along with the season. Offering your customers a rotating variety of “limited time” products that compliment the season builds excitement and anticipation, while also separating you from your competition.

If you are looking for some fresh, summer themed recipes to entice your customers, check out these fun dessert recipes you can create with your Flavor Burst system.

Summer Themed Dessert Ideas

When you think of summer, you may think of tropical fruits, going to the beach, and bright, vibrant colors. With the Flavor Burst system, you can incorporate all these ideas into your ice cream and blended treats to offer your customers a unique dessert experience. If you own a shake machine, you may also want to consider changing the base mix (if the freezer allows) and serve a slush menu for a time.

Some creative summer themed dessert ideas include:

  • Use crushed graham crackers to make “sandy beach” around your sundae
  • Market summertime fruit flavors like coconut, lemon and lime, mango, watermelon etc.
  • Include mini umbrellas in ice cream and blended drinks 
  • Incorporate themed candy like gummy sharks or fruits
  • Use blue piping swirl options to create “waves” 
  • Use tiki or other tropical-looking serving containers

Photos from C’s Extreme Ice Cream & Mini Golf Montague, MI

Photos from C’s Extreme Ice Cream & Mini Golf Montague, MI

The Options Are Endless

You can also personalize your summer treat offerings to local events or themes in your area. Does your town have an annual strawberry festival? Consider creating a signature dessert incorporating those flavors and colors into ice cream or blended drinks. Maybe you want to support your local baseball team. You can represent your local team pride by utilizing the team’s colors in your desserts and include fun candies or gummies to top it off. With the Flavor Burst system, the options are endless with special recipes and treats you can create to continually keep your customers satisfied and delighted.

Make Sure to Market Your Products

Your special summer treats will not sell if your customers do not know they exist. Flavor Burst provides FREE, high resolution graphics so you can have custom signage made that will attract customers of all ages. Make sure to also utilize your window space with large indoor posters which are available through your distributor. 

Posters and other graphics will highlight refreshing summer flavors and syrups, and provide visuals for your special recipe treats. Speaking of syrups, keep watch here for an exciting announcement from Flavor Burst coming in mid-September. If you own a Flavor Burst system, you don’t want to miss out on this news! 

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