Common Flavor Burst Machine Issues and How to Fix Them

Troubleshooting Your Flavor Burst System

Although we 100% stand behind our machines and follow quality processes to ensure they are manufactured to the highest standards, like anything else, once in a while a Flavor Burst machine can malfunction, break down, or have operational issues. Usually, the issue is simple and easily solved, but it is important to be armed with the knowledge of what to do if your Flavor Burst machine has a problem you cannot fix yourself.

It is also important to note that the Flavor Burst system is a separate piece of equipment from the freezer it’s attached to and manufactured by a different company. If you are experiencing problems with the freezer itself, be sure to contact the freezer manufacturer for help in diagnosing and repairing problems related to the freezer.

Below you can read about some of the most common problems that occur with Flavor Burst machines and how they can be resolved quickly so you can get back to serving your customers delicious ice cream treats to help them beat the heat!

Flavor Burst Machine Problems and Solutions

With the Flavor Burst system, there are three main categories of problems that customers may experience including CTP/ JBT panel issues, product quality issues, or syrup and product leaks. Some of these problems occur simply because the technology is overloaded or defective, the components are not properly connected and maintained, or the parts are overly worn.

In many cases, reading the owner’s manual, following best practice operating procedures, and regularly inspecting and cleaning the Flavor Burst system will help to eliminate any major problems. For diagnosis and quick fix solutions, check out our Troubleshooting Guide.

We believe in our product. Every new Flavor Burst system purchased through a Taylor distributor comes with a three year limited warranty that covers defects in materials and product design under normal use. If you purchase a Flavor Burst system from a different distributor, the warranty conditions may differ so make sure to contact your distributor representative for more information.

Flavor Burst System Repair and Support Services

Fixing Your Flavor Burst System Yourself

While your machine may have some issues that require more in depth knowledge, there are some common issues that you may be able to diagnose and fix yourself. If you are new to the Flavor Burst system, we recommend taking a look at your operations manual first and familiarizing yourself with the parts, and how to properly install, clean, and maintain it. Following these best practices can eliminate problems in the long run. Each new Flavor Burst system comes with extra parts in the Spare Parts Kit that you can use as common parts wear over time.

Each Flavor Burst system also comes with an owner’s manual, complete with diagrams and part numbers to help you find the source of the issue. On the Flavor Burst website, we also provide support resources including reference PDFs, a Helpful Tips section, a quick-reference Troubleshooting Guide, and tutorial videos to help guide you.

Contact Flavor Burst and Your Distributor for Repairs

We know that there may be some problems with your Flavor Burst system that will require additional support. You are always welcome to contact Flavor Burst and speak with one of our skilled technicians. Our technicians can often talk you through a number of steps to find the issue and solve problems, or see if a service call to your distributor is needed.

If you discover the issue needs a more in-depth and in-person service call, your local distributor has an excellent service team in place to help you with your needs. Their technicians will often bring the parts needed to fix it on site and get you up and running again. Our relationship with our primary distributor, Taylor, allows us to have qualified service technicians all around the world. To find a Taylor distributor closest to you, check out their website.

Do you have a question about your Flavor Burst system? Contact our team today!