Choosing the Best Base Mix for Your Flavor Burst System

Flavor Burst is proud to offer a variety of systems that create delicious frozen treats out of a variety of base products — soft serve ice cream, shakes, slush, smoothies, frozen coffees, frozen cocktails and frozen carbonated beverages. To get the most out of your Flavor Burst systems, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Flavor Burst Soft Serve System

Our innovative soft serve system functions as a simple add-on to your current soft-serve freezer and allows you to offer Flavor Burst’s iconic stripe and dazzling flavor blend treats to your customers. The soft serve system supports a wide variety of base products, from frozen yogurt to rich and creamy frozen custard, to allergy-friendly dairy free options. Individual base mixes can interact differently with our syrups depending on a number of factors, such as butterfat level and flavor. Let’s dive into some best practices for your soft serve system.

Help Your Flavors Shine

It’s not just in our name – our syrups are bursting with flavor! And we have more than 35 delicious options to choose from.

For this reason, we recommend that our customers avoid using Flavor Burst syrups with soft serve base mixes that are heavily rich in flavor. A flavored base mix, such as strawberry, chocolate or even a strong vanilla, may overpower the flavoring in the syrup, leading to competing flavors and an overall less satisfying frozen treat experience. Similarly, the fats in the mix can coat the tongue and lessen the impact of flavor from your syrups. We recommend a mix that is 3-5% butterfat to strike that balance between a premium base mix and bold syrup flavor.

The best way to maximize your investment in your Flavor Burst system and syrups is to make sure your customers can experience and appreciate that signature pop of flavor. Our syrups are most often used with a classic vanilla base mix, which are widely available at wholesale food service providers.

Keep an Eye on Butterfat Content

Flavor Burst syrups react differently to base products with varying percentages of butterfat, so if you are looking to offer specialized base products with your Flavor Burst system, it’s important to keep an eye on a few different factors to make sure your end product is still visually appealing and tastes delicious.

If you serve dairy-free products with no butterfat, use the Flavor Blend system, not the Flavor Burst striping system. The striping syrups are formulated to react with the calcium present in traditional soft serve ice cream, allowing it to gel into the stable stripe formation. If there is no calcium present in the base mix, the stripe will not maintain its shape and can produce a sloppy-looking final product. The Flavor Blend system, however, blends the syrup throughout the product and doesn’t require stabilization. When it comes to dairy-free base mixes, the Flavor Blend system whips up a delicious and beautiful frozen treat.

Another dairy-free option that works well with Flavor Blend is an Italian ice base mix. Just remember to stick to fruity syrups to best complement the icy base product.

For higher butterfat base mixes, such a frozen custard, we recommend using the classic Flavor Burst striping system rather than the Flavor Blend system. The water-based Flavor Blend syrups do not blend smoothly with mixes higher than 5% butterfat and can often lead to uneven color or a marbled look instead of those beautiful solid colors in a classic blended soft serve. We recommend products with 5% or lower butterfat on the Flavor Blend system, or using the striping Flavor Burst system with richer soft serve mixes.

Flavor Burst Frozen Beverage System

Mix up your frozen beverage menu with this versatile system! With just one beverage system, you can add a nearly endless variety of products and flavors. Whether you decide to offer your customers shakes, slush, smoothies, frozen coffee, or frozen cocktails, the Flavor Burst beverage system can flavor them all with up to 8 flavors at a time. Plus, you can combine flavors for even more delicious options.

Our frozen beverage system enables you to keep your menu fresh and exciting for folks walking through the door, while giving you the opportunity to respond to shifting customer demands. Switch up flavors seasonally or test the waters with a bold change to a brand new base product.

One Base Mix. So Many Options!

Flavor Burst offers a neutral slush base for easy customization, making it simple for you to test the waters with new menu items. Add our premium Flavor Burst syrups for an array of cool and satisfying slushes. You can use the same neutral slush base and add alcohol for refreshing frozen cocktails. Tip – make sure to keep an eye on the ratio of alcohol to slush added to the Flavor Burst Frozen Beverage System. You’ll want to maintain the right flavoring and consistency in the final product. Check out our Frozen Margarita recipe to get started!

JavaLatte Frozen Coffee

Flavor Burst also offers a powdered frozen coffee base mix called JavaLatte. This simple-to-use product allows you to offer delicious and refreshing frozen coffees to your customers. Just like the rest of our Flavor Burst base products, you can flavor your frozen coffee with our Flavor Burst syrups – french vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, chocolate, butterscotch, chai, and more. Offer your customers a special treat on your off-seasons using your existing frozen beverage system!

Ready to get started using the Flavor Burst System? Find your local distributor to get started today!