Celebrate with Flavor Burst this Holiday Season!

Even though cooler temperatures may decrease demand for ice cream and other frozen treats, your customers are still looking for opportunities to celebrate and indulge all year long. You can easily transition your Flavor Burst Beverage System from summertime slushes and milkshakes to fresh menu items like our JavaLatte Frozen Coffee, frozen cocktails or spiked milkshakes. Let’s dive into a few tactics to keep your customers engaged during your off season and make the most of your investment in your Flavor Burst Beverage System.

Host an Adults-Only Night

While marketing for frozen treats tends to be focused on drawing in families with children, the fact is that adults also enjoy indulging in a sweet frozen treat from time to time, especially during seasons of celebration. Make your shop a wintertime destination by hosting “Adults-Only” events where you use your Flavor Burst Beverage System to serve frozen cocktails, spiked milkshakes or our JavaLatte Frozen Coffee. Even though temperatures may be colder, your customers are still looking for opportunities to get out of the house to celebrate and spend time with friends and family. Offering these fresh but simple new products to your customers in an unexpected format will make your shop the perfect spot for wintertime celebrations and day-to-day pick-me-ups.

Use Your Existing Flavors in New Ways

You can use any of our Flavor Burst frozen beverage syrups to flavor your frozen cocktails, spiked milkshakes or JavaLatte Frozen Coffees. Have a group of friends or family coming into the shop? Give everyone a chance to try something different! Each Flavor Burst Beverage System can offer up to 8 individual flavors at a time and can even be combined to give your customers nearly limitless variety.

For JavaLatte Frozen Coffees, we encourage you to use blended flavors like French Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Butterscotch, or Chai. When it comes to spiked milkshakes, consider new twists on classic milkshake flavors, such as a Spiked Shamrock Shake (using Cool Mint syrup and vodka), a Strawberry Daiquiri Shake (using Strawberry syrup and rum), or a Spiked Chocolate Shake (using Chocolate Swirl syrup and bourbon, Kahlua, or flavored liqueurs). For frozen cocktails, just add your favorite alcohol to the neutral base slush mix using this Frozen Margarita recipe. Your customers will have fun creating their own custom cocktails with fun flavors like Pina Colada, Green Apple, Peach Twist, or any of our fruit flavored syrups.

Looking for additional tips? Check out our Blog for more ideas on how to market your frozen treats year-round. If you’re ready to get started using a Flavor Burst System, click here to find your local distributor.