Bring Holiday Spirit to Your Sweet Treats with Themed Flavors

Nov 10, 2023 | Christmas, Eggnog, Fall, Flavors, Recipes, Winter

Ice Cream Year-Round

When the leaves begin to fall and the weather starts to grow colder, many ice cream shops close their doors for the season. But, true dessert enthusiasts know ice cream is a treat that should be enjoyed year-round. Keep the holiday spirits of your customers high with special, limited time flavors perfect for the fall and winter seasons!

Keep reading to learn about Flavor Burst’s exciting flavors that are perfect for the colder weather!

Eggnog Flavored Ice Cream: “You Serious, Clark?!”

Get your customers into the holiday spirit with Flavor Burst’s limited edition Eggnog striping syrup flavor! While this Eggnog may not contain eggs or alcohol, it can provide the perfect flavoring to make a jolly adult milkshake to help you get through the stressful holiday season dealing with inlaws and surprise visits from cousins who park their broken-down RV in your driveway.

Don’t forget to offer fun toppings that pair well with the Eggnog striping flavor to help customers embrace the nostalgia of “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” like multicolored sprinkles or candies to represent Christmas lights bright enough to cause a power outage! Embrace everything the holiday season has to offer and get creative when naming flavors or creating fun recipes for kids and adults to enjoy.

Cozy Fall & Winter Treat Flavors to Enjoy

Flavor Burst offers cozy fall and winter flavors for ice cream, shakes, and coffee drinks to keep your customers cheerful, even in cold and snowy weather. Standard holiday ice cream flavors like Pumpkin Pie and Green Apple with layers of caramel allow customers to experience their favorite seasonal treats in a new form.

For the holiday pie fans, you can mix Green Apple with Cinnamon Bun to create a tasty apple pie a la mode, bringing customers back to happy Thanksgiving dinner memories. Another favorite flavor is Pecan Pie, which is a combination of Cinnamon Bun and Butter Pecan flavors.

The weather outside may be frightful, but Flavor Burst has cozy syrups that your customers will find delightful! You can create a holiday feel using Flavor Burst’s syrups as well. Go for that autumn look using brown, red, gold, and orange colored flavors including Chocolate, Maple, Butterscotch, Black Cherry, and Peach Twist. Classic Cherry is also a great color for the winter season when it’s striped on a vanilla cone, bringing a vibrant and classic candy cane look with a sweet taste. Or, choose a mint with your Flavor Blend system and decorate it like a Christmas tree with candied ornaments and sprinkles.

Some favorite Flavor Burst syrups are crafted after warm comfort foods like Mocha Cappuccino, Coffee ‘n Creme and Cinnamon Bun. If you have a shake system, you can mix Coffee ‘n Creme with Hazelnut or Caramel for that custom coffee drink your customers will love. You can even make a “french toast” recipe by combining Cinnamon Bun and Maple flavors together for those fall flavor aficionados.

Flavor Burst has different flavors and syrups to cover all your customers’ sweet tooth desires. Candy isn’t just for stockings and pumpkin buckets anymore! Flavor Burst has a number of candy-inspired flavors like Bubblegum, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Caramel, Cotton Candy, and let’s not forget Blue Goo, which some have said tastes like taffy. Whether your customers want fall themed Maple desserts, winter flavors like Eggnog, or bright treats with colorful striping, Flavor Burst has it all.

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