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Need images to advertising materials for your own business? Just fill out this form and we will email you a download link through You will be able to download a bundle of useful images, logos and a licensing agreement to compose your own materials or have a design house make them for you. Please ensure you are able to receive emails from, use the download link within 7 days of receiving the email, and have at least 2GB of space to store the files.

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The Art Gallery package we send you will contain images and logos related to the Flavor Burst product you serve.


Please read the full License Agreement. Use of Flavor Burst images, logo, and video (Data) requires compliance to the terms outlined in this License Agreement. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Producing materials advertising Flavor Burst products and Flavor Burst products only. For example, an image of a milkshake or slush from the Flavor Burst Gallery cannot be used to advertise shakes or slushes of other brands or that isn't flavored by Flavor Burst equipment.
  • Producing advertising materials for your business and your business only. For example, images from this package cannot be used to produce materials and then sold to or given to business you do not own or manage.
  • Advertising materials produced using Flavor Burst Gallery items must include the Flavor Burst name or logo in the composition.
  • Producing advertising materials through a third-party business, such as a graphic design company or printing business, who abide by the terms of the agreement. For example, a printing company can only use this gallery of images for the customer or business requesting the advertising materials. They cannot mass-produce materials for profit and offer to multiple businesses. These images are for producing custom materials specific to the individual customer.


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