4 Ways to Boost Your Flavor Burst Marketing

Effectively Market Flavor Burst Products

Flavor Burst products are popular with customers because of their bold, eye-catching colors and dazzling flavors. So, when it comes to effectively marketing Flavor Burst products to your customers, it’s best to rely on the product’s inherent strengths by leveraging strong, strategically-placed visuals. At Flavor Burst, we offer an online catalog full of marketing materials for all of our products. Our catalog features a collection of ready-to-use marketing materials to help you draw customers into your shop and encourage them to try Flavor Burst products. When used strategically, our marketing materials can help guide your customer through their delicious purchasing journey. Let’s dive in.

Use High-Quality Posters and Signs

Once a customer lays eyes on that enticing ribbon of flavor on a Flavor Stripe cone, they’ll be tempted to give it a try! That’s why using high-quality imagery in your traditional and digital marketing efforts will make all the difference. Make sure outdoor signs, posters, and banners are big, eye-catching, and easy to read.

Our Flavor Burst online marketing catalog offers numerous options for posters, tabletop displays, banners, duratrans, and more. Order them through your local distributor to get started with your internal marketing right away. We also offer a variety of individual product images and logos for you to design your own advertising materials.

Show the Product In Action

Does your shop have a TV? Consider showcasing some clips of your most popular items being served, including our eye-popping Flavor Burst products. Video can be an engaging medium to help customers better visualize the product. In addition, our Color Touch Panel Model (CTP) machines offer the option to run video directly from the touch screen. Upload marketing videos or slideshow images to run on the screen when the machine is not in use, offering you an extra marketing touchpoint for reaching customers and a way to maximize your investment in your machine. Reach out to our Flavor Burst team for more information on showcasing videos in your shop.

Spruce Up with an Equipment Wrap

One of the most popular marketing products in our online catalog is our collection of equipment wraps. These large adhesive wraps cover freezers and Flavor Burst systems and feature attractive, high-quality images of all of our products. Using an equipment wrap or panel helps you to make the most out of the visual real estate inside your shop by transforming your blank industrial machines into new opportunities for marketing products. This is especially helpful if your interior walls and display areas may have limited space for promotional materials. If you have a self-serve Flavor Burst machine, an equipment wrap featuring our customizable menu list will help customers easily navigate to the machine and identify their product options.

Get Social

One of the best ways to reach customers outside of your four walls is to make sure your shop has active social media accounts. Engage your customers online by posting high-quality visual content focused on your specific shop and geographic region. When it comes to frozen treats, customers love to engage with businesses that feel close to home. Use social media to show your customers what you’re serving that day, recommend new flavor combinations, or give a shout-out to superstar employees or beloved customers.

Need help getting started? You can use your smartphone to snap quick photos for simple posts or ask a tech-savvy employee to take over the reins and focus on producing higher-quality images. When it comes to social media, our Flavor Burst team recommends using your own images featuring your local shop to gain attention from your local customers. But, if you do need digital images from Flavor Burst for social posts, you can reach out to our team here.

Showing up in the feeds of your local customers keeps your shop top of mind when they’re looking for a place to indulge.

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