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FB 80 - Soft Serve

The Flavor Burst FB80 system is a revolutionary add-on that allows you to add a variety of flavors to your soft-serve or yogurt freezer by injecting concentrated flavorings throughout your finished product. The result is a fun, colorful product filled with great-tasting premium flavor!

Attract kids and adults alike with a variety of delicious tastes -- Chocolate Swirl, Strawberry, Butter Pecan, Bubble Gum, Blue Goo, Green Apple -- more than 40 flavors in all!

The FB 80 model comes in a variety of models.  Instead of adding eight freezers to your floor space, consider the addition of one of the various FB80 systems listed below:

FB 80: The standard FB 80 (shown to the right) houses 8 flavors, which when combined in one service can create a seemingly endless number of flavor combinations.  Also available in a Touch Screen version.

FB 80D: The FB 80D model is an eight-flavor system with a redesigned cabinet, remote electronics box, shorter height, and an internal sanitizer tank.  Also available in a Touch Screen version.

FB 80int:  Our latest syrup dispensing model in the FB80 line is the FB80int model, which integrates the 8-Flavor concept into the Taylor C201 cabinet base.  Therefore, no additional counter space is required to add eight additional flavors to your soft serve menu.  Also available in a Touch Screen version.

FB 80JR:  If space is at a premium, consider the four-flavor FB80JR model that requires less height clearance at a lower cost.  Also available in a Touch Screen version.

FB 80LPa:  This FB 80LPa has the exact same footprint as the FB 80JR but is even shorter!  In fact, it is short enough to fit underneath or inside of many cabinets.  Also available in a Touch Screen version.

Existing installations that added Flavor Burst have reported sales increases of 300% and higher!  It's a very small system that delivers really big profits!

Taylor C706/C707
& FB 80a
Taylor C708/C709
& FB 80a
Taylor C712/C713/C716/C717
& FB 44MX
Taylor C712/C713/C716/C717
& FB 80a